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Kip Rugg

10697 Southside Rd.
Superior, MT 59872

Home: (406) 822-4915
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For cabin rentals: Teresa Rugg - (406) 382-0012
For horse leasing and boarding: Ray Rugg - (406) 822-4240

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    • Recent Review (October 2022): Went on 2 full day rides with Kip Rugg! Highly recommend đź‘Ťđź‘Ť My sis and I grew up with horses & have been on loads of horse rides all over the U.S. and these trips were the best we’ve ever experienced. Kip was prepared with a sat phone, chain saw, protection, his wife’s amazing cooking & snacks, and even a little table he set up for lunch! The treks took us thru forest floors that smelled of fir & cypress, by rushing creeks & up to some stunning scenic vistas. Amazing experience!

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    • Recent Review (October 2022): Booked a half day summer trail ride fairly last minute for me and my parents and we had a blast. They were very nice and accommodating over the phone. Kip was a great guide and very knowledgeable about the area. We enjoyed the beautiful views and getting the opportunity to talk to a local rancher. The horses were great and the trail was decently maintained. Will definitely recommend this to friends!

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    • Recent Review (August 2022): My family of 4 went with rafting on the Clark Fork with Kip and could not have had a better experience -- it / he was amazing. Given his family has been doing this for generations, this work is in his blood, and that shows. His knowledge of the area, his handling of the raft (& the lunch he provided!) were all fantastic. He's a fun companion to while away the hours with -- although it was a journey of more than a few hours, it seemed like no time at all. We heartily recommend this rafting trip; our hope is to return in the future for trail-riding with Kip and com

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    • Recent Review (September 2022): Really awesome ride to go with family, horses where very well behaved and trained. Each horses have their own personality that makes them unique, i at first was really nervous to be doing this ride but at the end it was quite hard to say goodbye to my horse named Jammer. Kipp is a really great guy, he really shows care for each of his horses, he was really patient with us, extremely helpful, and shows great knowledge for horses, the terrain, and history. I most definitely would do this again, Ruggs Outfitting takes you to beautiful views, great tour guide, the friendliest horses, and two of the best dog companions of kipp you’ll have beside you when riding are Butters & Bug.

Our Family

Kip and Teresa Rugg - Kip runs the water activities and all outfitting. He also takes care of all the horse shoeing for the outfit and many other neighbors. Kip is a proven elk bugler, winning national acclaim and demonstrating his skills in the mountains. In his spare time, he is active in Search and Rescue. Teresa is Kip's better half and even though having a full-time job herself, helps make sure everything runs smoothly with the outfitting and handles all of the cabin rentals.

Ray Rugg - Ray is a native of Western Montana and has spent his life guiding sportsmen into the Great Burn area. He guided his first party in at the age of 12. Ray is very active in local and national organizations, and currently serves on several committees for Mineral County and for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks. Ray started a local chapter of Mule Deer Foundation, went on to State Chair and then on the national Board of Directors. He has timed out on that so is now on Search and Rescue board for Mineral county. Ray has now retired and only chips in to help when needed.

Korey, Ryann, Brock, Hank Rugg - Korey, a partner with a degree in Environmental Engineering, somehow finds time to guide and help some with the ranch work while working full-time at the Waste Water Plant in Missoula. Ryann, his wife, also helps with cooking and shuttling for clients in the summer when needed. We may also have a new Whitewater guide as Ryann has been working on her rowing. Brock and Hank both help out on trail rides when they can in the summer as well.

R. Keith, Ilana, Ayala, Talia Rugg - R. Keith Rugg, a third–generation Raymond Rugg, lives back east in Massachusetts with his family, wife Ilana and daughters Ayala and Talia. A career journalist and salesman, he keeps his hand in the family business on the marketing side of things.

Kevin, Soledad, Isabelle Rugg - Kevin lives in S.F. Bay Area with his wife Soledad and his daughter, Isabelle. Isabelle created and maintains our website. They still get away a couple times a year to come back and enjoy Montana (and fix whatever computer problems have built up since they visited).


Rugg's Outfitting is a small, family owned and operated company with its origins starting when Raymond Paul Rugg, Sr. -- Grandpa Rugg -- purchased the Hole-in-the-Wall property in 1947 and build the first lodge in 1948. The Hole-in-the-Wall burned down in 1961, was rebuilt in 1962, and then later sold in 1965.

Raymond Paul Rugg, Jr. -- Ray -- packed his first hunting party into the hills by himself in 1956. The several days late arrival of a party after Grandpa and all of the other guides were in the back country to pack game out from the base camp required the 12 year old Ray to guide the latecomers into camp by himself.

For nearly the next two decades, Ray worked on and off again as a professional guide. When he returned from the military service in 1970, he guided at the Hole-in-the-Wall until it was sold in 1973. By the spring of 1975, Ray had had so many hunters requesting that he guide them that he finally took his outfitter's exam in 1975 and began outfitting and guiding in Montana again. In 1978 he decided to expand his operations and bought an outfitting unit in Idaho's Selway-Bitterroot area. From that time up until 1995, Ray outfitted in both Montana and Idaho.

In 1994 Ray sold his ranch in the Mission Valley of Montana and moved to Superior, on the Clark Fork, in order to be closer to the outfitting areas. In 1995 he sold the Selway outfitting and in 1996 bought an Idaho outfitting area closer to his Montana area.

While all of Ray's four sons have helped out with the outfitting business in various capacities throughout the years, youngest son Kip passed his outfitter exams in 2007 and has taken over the outfitting and river operations, leaving Ray to semi-retire, looking after the horse leasing and cabin rentals and just act as support for the outfitting, while son Korey pitches in whenever he is needed.

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